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South Asian Avant-Garde

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I am currently helming South Asian Avant-Garde (SAAG): A Dissident Literary Anthology.​ In Phase 1 of this anthology, we're launching an interview series. Stay tuned for the SAAG team’s interviews with visual artists, journalists, academics, writers, playwrights, translators, musicians + many more.

Please visit our website to learn more about this literary anthology involving many South Asian editors, writers, artists, journalists, activists, translators, academics, multimedia producers, and others. How do experimental South Asian writers & artists fit in the general tradition of "avant-garde"? How can we question forms and modes and narratives and stories in new and disruptive ways?


Currently, we have a call for pitches only for multimedia & comics. Find our guidelines on Instagram, & send us your pitches! Follow us on Twitter for updates too.

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