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South Asian Avant-Garde

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I am the founder and currently associate editor of South Asian Avant-Garde (SAAG), a literary magazine and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with an internationalist, leftist ethos and a team of 40+ editors across ten time zones.​ Since we launched in June 2020, we've published longform reporting, essays, fiction (translated and untranslated), plays, poetry, multimedia pieces, and much more. We launched an interview series with visual artists, journalists, academics, writers, playwrights, translators, and musicians, held live virtual events, and held a solidarity fundraiser with Women's Democratic Front that raised more than $180,000.


After a massive overhaul, we recently launched a new website for Vol. 2 of SAAG. The cover art for Issue 1 (by Mukul Chakravarthi) is above. We've also held and plan to hold more in-person events in cities across the world and are headed to print soon. Issue 2 is being helmed by Sarah Eleazar & Sabika Abbas Naqvi.

Please visit our website to learn more about this literary anthology involving many South Asian editors, writers, artists, journalists, activists, translators, academics, multimedia producers, and others. How do experimental South Asian writers and artists fit in the general tradition of "avant-garde"? How can we question forms, modes, and narratives in new and disruptive ways?


Currently, we have a call for pitches only for The Vertical. Find our guidelines on our Submit page,  and send us your pitches. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for updates. If you wish to join the team, feel free to email me at

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