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Editing Services



I am offering editing & copy-editing services for the SAAG fundraiser, at heavily-discounted rates. Donate $25 or more at the following link, email the receipt to, and I will edit short stories, essays, reporting, articles, reviews, proposals, pitches, and all forms of prose up to 5,000 words. For donations higher than $25, I am open to editing longer-form work. Feel free to email me for questions not answered below.



As an academic historian and biologist, I have written, edited, and revised many manuscripts of my own. As an editor, writing teacher, and a research fellow writing a law professor's book proposal, I've worked across many different fields and specialties. Over the years, I've provided editing services for research articles, reviews, book chapters, book proposals, and letters to reviewers. I offer the following services for each of these types of academic work:


Developmental edit (most common):

This includes feedback on the manuscript and arguments as a whole, with line-editing and comments throughout the manuscript. In the developmental edit, I read a manuscript multiple times before doing line-edits in a Google document or a Word document with tracked changes—whichever the client prefers. I charge by the hour ($35/hour) or $0.045/word, whichever is better suited to the project and agreed upon beforehand. Depending on the specific requirements, the rates are discussed before I begin. The developmental edit rate includes copy-editing and proof-reading.


Copy-editing and proof-reading:

This includes identifying grammatical errors, active/passive voice mistakes, unclear phrasing, unnecessary verbiage, deviations from standard journal guidelines, and other errors to make the manuscript as clear as possible. I charge $0.035/word. Service by the hour can be arranged in special cases.


Non-academic (journalistic & literary prose)


As a reviews editor, and/or a fiction/CNF editor and journalist, I have worked with many writers and reporters on their works in progress (prose only, but I am open to hybrid works). As a writer myself, I find this to be a truly passionate enterprise, and love to work across genres and modes of writing. I am an active and collaborative editor, I work with prose at the sentence- and paragraph-level to help writers improve their work while communicating actively to understand what their particular hopes—broad or narrow—are for the editing process. I'm eager to work with writers at any stage to achieve what they want for the work while strengthening the piece as a whole. I also give feedback for submitting and pitching work. 


As of now, I am only open to shorter-length work. I will provide extensive comments, line-edits, submission suggestions, and copy-editing at the rates listed below for fiction, CNF, news clips, reporting and/or op-eds:

Prose up to 3,000 words: $50-$100, depending on length

Prose up to 10,000: $100-$170, depending on length

Prose up to 15,000 words: $170-$230, depending on length


I accept payment via cheques, Venmo or PayPal

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