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Open Call

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Apply to be the first graphic designer to join a literary pop-up anthology involving many South Asian editors, writers, and artists. 
- Project will take place over a period of a few months. 
- This is a freelance gig, paid biweekly or monthly based on workload. Pay negotiable.

- Do not be discouraged even if you don't have all the skills listed below. Skills matter but enthusiasm, a strong passion for social justice and liberatory politics, & willingness to collaborate are equally important.

- Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite. Skill with interactive multimedia preferred. Skill with illustration preferred
- Proficiency with website design on formats like Wix or Wordpress
- Familiarity and engagement with Kickstarter, as well as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media/funding platforms

- You won't be alone in this! As your primary contact, I'm proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and all forms of promotion as well. The expectation is to collaborate and explore and brainstorm based off solid ideas and editorial interests, not create original work on the fly. 

- An interest in social justice, radical politics, and an understanding of art as a pivotal conduit for the ideas of liberatory politics. This is not a project interested in an empty representation of South Asians.
- A keen interest in collaborations between the literary world and the art world and all the in-betweens is a big bonus. This gig is for someone who is enthusiastic about a hybrid collaborative effort, an anthology project following up on a previous literary mag issue that paired writers and artists https://www.barrelhousemag.com/onlinelit/road-trips 
- An interest in the avant-garde/experimental: How do experimental South Asian writers + artists fit in the general tradition of "avant-garde"? What does that mean, and how can we question forms and modes and narratives and stories in new and disruptive ways?

APPLY: Email me kamilahsan@gmail.com with a CV, link to portfolio/Behance/other, in a short email describing why you're interested in this project. Use subject heading APPLICATION, DESIGNER

DEADLINE: June 5th.